Data protection declaration

The State of Baden-Württemberg and the Ministry of Internal Affairs are obliged to protect your personal data. Therefore, we strive to maintain the highest level of data economy and transparency when processing your personal data. By means of technical and organisational measures, we ensure that both ourselves and external service providers comply with data protection regulations.

I. Access to portals under the umbrella portal service-bw

1. What data do we record during your access?

For statistical purposes, we record each access to our portals.  The following data is entered into the protocol and stored for a maximum of 3 months:

  • Name of the accessed file (accessed URL’s)
  • Data and time of the access 
  • Transferred data quantity
  • Report as to whether the access was successful
  • Information concerning your web browser (version, operating system)

We do not record your IP address for this purpose.

In addition, we record unsuccessful accesses (“faults”) with IP address and the precise URL of the site including transfer parameters. The (presumed) country of origin is calculated from the IP address. This data is only used for defect correction and research into causes and, unless further processing is necessary, for example in case of criminal proceedings against unknown persons, is also overwritten again by means of the log roll process. 

2. Special web analysis for the improvement of usability of the service-bw

We participate in a State-wide project concerning the web analysis of visits to the Internet. For this purpose, we gather visitor data from our Internet presence in the form of pseudonyms.

As a user of our information service, you remain anonymous as far as possible. The saved data is only evaluated in order to optimise the Internet service.

If required, you can object to the gathering of data through recording on the page on which the procedure which is used State wide is explained.

3. Forwarding on of personal data to third parties

Data which we record during the access to the Internet services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the State of Baden-Württemberg is only forwarded on to third parties by us if:

  • we are obliged to do so by law or the order of a court or 
  • the forwarding on is necessary in case of attacks against the Internet infrastructure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to take civil or criminal action. 

Your data will not be forwarded on for other commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Should you wish to carry out administrative processes electronically via the portal (electronic services), we will forward the data required from you to the respective competent bodies. Thereby it is technically guaranteed that each competent body will only see the data which it requires to process your matter. You can find out more in this respect in Number II.

4. Use of cookies

Session cookies are used at the time of registration with the service account or in case of regionalisation on our portals. These do not gather any personal data. Cookies are text files which are saved locally in the memory of the Internet browser on the used computer during the session. Should you have deactivated cookies, this can affect the functionality of the portal.

5. Protection of minors

Persons under the age of 18 should not enter personal data in the portal without the agreement of a parent or guardian. We do not request any personal data from children and young people. We do not knowingly collect such data and we do not forward it on to third parties either.

6. Links to websites of other providers

Our portal contains links to websites of other providers. We do not have any influence over whether the said providers comply with data protection regulations.

II. Features when using the service account and e-services

Via the portal, you can carry out administration services electronically, set up a personal service account and use additional services which require the entry of personal data. The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is stated, amongst others, in the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), in the State Data Protection Act of Baden-Württemberg (LDSG BW) and the German Telemedia Act (TMG). In addition, the E-government Law of Baden-Württemberg E-GovG BW) and various administration regulations apply.

Alongside the legal provisions, our terms and conditions of use which are listed here apply to the service account. The use of these services and the associated entry of personal data are subject to your free discretion. For some uses, we will request your consent.  Before you can use the corresponding services, you must provide your agreement to the respective terms and conditions of use electronically. In accordance with § 13 Paragraph 3 TMG, § 28 Paragraph 3a BDSG and § 4 Paragraph 2 LDSG BW, you can withdraw your consent at any time. You withdraw your consent by deleting your service account. Your information is saved in specially protected services at the Landesoberbehörde IT-Baden-Württemberg (BITBW). This can only be accessed by a very restricted group of persons with specific authority.

1. Function description of the service account

As an authenticated user of a service account by means of a username/password or electronic ID document, you have the following options:

  • Setting up a private mailbox
  • Using a private document safe and
  • Carrying out your electronic applications.

1.1 Mailbox

In the mailbox, you can receive, answer and save messages securely and put these in your document safe, as well as send your own messages. Only you can view and use the contents of your mailbox. The use of the mailbox service is intended in the current extension level for communication with the State administrative authorities and the communes of Baden-Württemberg . It cannot yet be used for communication between the users of the service account or with selected companies. Thereby the transfer between the authority and the mailbox of the user in this extension level takes place exclusively in secure and separate networks of the State administration and the Kommunaler  Datenverarbeitungsverbund (DVV) of Baden-Württemberg. These fulfil the security requirements in respect of confidentiality and data integrity.

It is guaranteed that only authorised institutions can use this communication channel. In this way, the service account owner is also fully protected against SPAM and other damaging software.

1.2 Document safe

You can save and administer documents in the document safe in a secure manner and in a way that these can only be read by you.

1.3 My electronic applications

As a registered service account user, you can carry out administrative proceedings electronically.  The following functions of the service account are of significance to the electronic carrying out of procedures in case of e-services:

  • The personal document safe with the electronic documents saved in it which you can transfer directly to the process handling and therefore make available to the competent authorities.
  • Your personal data saved in the service account profile, such as surname and first name, address and date of birth. You can have these transferred directly to the electronic process with your consent. Thereby you can issue the consent to the electronic process generally or for each individual procedure. You can revoke the general consent at any time. 
  • By means of the authentication of the service account with the online function of your personal identity document, you can replace the written form in case of applications which require submission in writing.

1.4 Processing notice

Your data is saved in the service account in encrypted form. During the registration process, the serviced account creates an asymmetrical key pair, which is used for the encryption of the data in the application. The key pair is assigned to you individually and consists of a “public” and “secret” key Your “public” key is saved in the service account. Your secret key is encrypted by means of a secret which is only known to you and is saved in the service account only in this encrypted form and each created by this secret at the time of use. In case of a registered user, this is his or her password and in case of users authenticated by means of a personal identity document, this is the authentication certificate of his or her electronic personal identity document. Should you lose this secret, you then have the option of restoring the service account via the user recognition and the security question with your valid email address or the alternative email address. You are responsible for storing the answer to the security question in a secure location and for ensuring that the provided email addressed are valid and can be accessed by you.

1.5 Data protection

1.5.1 General

The electronic processing of the data takes place exclusively on your behalf. The State administration of Baden-Württemberg protects your data against unauthorised use in accordance with the available state of technology.

The State administration of  Baden-Württemberg only makes the service account facility (mailbox, document safe) available if you explicitly consent to the processing of your data.

1.5.2 Addition to “mailbox”

Your email address provided at the time of registration (initial user name and contact/alternative email address) is only used by us for communication with you. We only gather, process and use traffic on content data during communication via the mailbox if this is necessary in order for you to be able to use the mailbox service. In this process, we record:

  • The email address of the recipient
  • The email address of the sender
  • The subject of the message
  • The text of the message
  • If applicable any attachments to the message 

Traffic and content data are deleted after completion of the usage process.

1.6 Scope of service “document safe”

Areas for personal electronic documents are set up in the document safe, which are secured against unauthorised use in accordance with the available state of technology. The storage area for your personal document is currently limited to a total of 50 MB. The maximum size of individual documents is 5 MB. The State administration of Baden-Württemberg ensures the availability of the document safe and the security of the contents in it.  However, the State administration cannot guarantee that the document safe is available and free of defects at all times. In particular, the State administration does not assume any guarantee that in case of an error arising or during system updates the data can be made available again at any time and in full. Therefore by means of the placing of documents in the document safe, the user is not released from the requirement to back up these documents elsewhere. The State administration of Baden-Württemberg can terminate the document safe services by giving advance notification of three months to the end of a month, without the giving of reasons.

The State administration of Baden-Württemberg  offers the document safe services free-of-charge. The State administration of Baden-Württemberg shall only incur liability if it behaves intentionally or gross negligently.

1.7 Automatic deletion of service accounts

As a rule, you can delete your service account at any time. Should you not have used your service account for 36 months, we will automatically delete it following advance notification. In the notification, we will offer you the option of preventing the deletion process.

1.8 User obligations

With the issuing of your consent, you shall be obliged not to use the service account and its “mailbox” and “document safe” facilities for purposes which breach applicable laws of the State of  Baden-Württemberg, the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union. This shall also apply to offensive statements, contents and other depictions which are suspected to be illegal but cannot be conclusively stated as being such. You shall be obliged not to carry out any negligent or intentional activities which impair the functionality of these services. You shall be obliged to protect the access to these services against unauthorised use, in particular by keeping your authentication information confidential. In case of a breach against these user obligations, you shall be obliged to release the State administration of Baden-Württemberg from all third party claims which are brought against it as a result.

2. E-services

2.1 Electronic processing of your applications

As the owner of a service account, you can apply for some administration services via the service portal and carry these out. By means of a web form you can record the data which is necessary for the processing of your application and upload necessary documents. You can then submit this data and these documents electronically to the competent body selected by the system (the location which you enter). If required, you can select an integrated contact person for support, should the process prescribe such. The electronic application will then be processed by the integrated contact person and the authority which is responsible for the processing. Thereby it is technically ensured that the competent authorities only receive the respective data which is necessary for the processing of your application. This data will only be forwarded on to the respective competent bodies via secure networks following your express consent.

2.2 Automatic deletion of electronic files

The electronic files which are created during use of the e-services are not archived. Therefore processes which are not submitted and completed processes are automatically deleted after the expiry of a defined period. This period is as follows:

  • In cases which have not yet been submitted: 365 days after depositing of the electronic files
  • In case of completed cases: 365 days after completion of the last administration service

III. Use of the functions of this portal on third party websites

Third party websites, in particular communal Internet presences, can use the functions of service-bw on their own web pages. In such a case, this data protection shall also apply, as well as the data protection provisions of the integrating websites.

IV. Contact details

1. How can I receive information about my data?

You have the right at any time to apply for free-of-charge information concerning the personal data which has been stored concerning you. Please use the contract details stated below.

2. Who is the competent supervisory authority for data protection?

The competent supervisory authority for data protection is the State representative for data protection of Baden Württemberg, who can be reached at: 

3. Can I contact the official data protection officer?

You can contact our official data protection officer at any time. Please use the contract details stated below.

4. How do I get in contact with you?

You can send us an email or letter. You can find our email address and postal address in our impressum.